The Board of Trustees comprises up to 13 members who are selected on the basis of an open recruitment process by the Board. A skills and experience audit is undertaken to ensure that the Board has the ability to undertake its governance role in a competent manner.

The Board currently meets four times a year in London. There is also a Resources Committee chaired by the Honorary Treasurer and composed of two other trustees. Our trustees are not paid for their work, although their expenses are met by the Refugee Council.

As at April 2016 the current trustees are: 

  • Sirak Hagos Berhe, Investing in People and Culture (RCO) 
  • Richard Foster, Chair
  • Hussein Mohammed Hassan, ILAYS (RCO)
  • Benjamin Hopkinson, North of England Refugee Service (NGO)
  • Vaughan Jones
  • Anne-Marie Lawlor
  • Stella Maravanyika, Zimbabwe Association (RCO)
  • Salah Mohamed, Welsh Refugee Council (NGO)
  • Ernest Rukangira, Diversity Living Services (RCO)
  • Rita Paulino, South Sudanese Women’s Association (RCO)
  • Nick Whitaker, Treasurer

Following an open recruitment process run from December 2015 to March 2016 it is expected that there will be a number of new appointments made in May 2016.