The Board of Trustees comprises up to 15 members, ten elected by and from organisations which are members of the Refugee Council.

Of the 10 elected by members, five trustees are nominated by Refugee Community Organisations, five are nominated by Non-Governmental Organisations.  The remaining trustees (up to 5) are co-opted by the Board to fill gaps in skills and experience.

The Board currently meets six times a year in London. There is also a Resources Committee chaired by the Honorary Treasurer and composed of four other trustees. Our trustees are not paid for their work, although their expenses are met by the Refugee Council.

Our current trustees are:

  • Richard Foster Chair, Co-opted
  • Heather Foster Treasurer, Co-opted
  • Graham Abbey Co-opted
  • Douglas Campbell Scottish Refugee Council (NGO)
  • Sirak Hagos Investing in People and Culture (RCO)
  • Hussein Hassan ILAYS (RCO)
  • Ben Hopkinson North East Refugee Service (NGO)
  • Vaughan Jones Praxis (NGO)
  • Connie Mante East London Community Law Advice Service (RCO)
  • Yen Nyeya GHARWEG Advice, Training & Careers Centre (RCO)
  • Rita Paulino South Sudanese Women’s Association (RCO)
  • Sunetra Puri Co-opted