Imagine travelling 3,000 miles to escape ISIS - when just a child

Hassan was a just a boy when ISIS occupied Mosul inMar appeal donor page 20180419 portrait Iraq. Tragically, his father was killed. Forced to flee for his life, Hassan travelled 3,000 miles - completely alone - eventually reaching the UK.

But his struggles weren’t over. He was beaten up in the street. He lost his ID card and the money he’d saved up to get a new pair of shoes. Facing a complex asylum system aged just 15, he was terrified of being sent back to Iraq. He became deeply depressed.

Thankfully, Refugee Council was there for Hassan. Elliot, one of our children’s advisors, helped him get back on his feet. He’d take Hassan out for coffee or a game of pool to help with his mood. He arranged extra clothing allowance so Hassan could finally get some new shoes. He explained the asylum process and attended all of Hassan’s solicitors meetings.

You can help to ensure that there is always somewhere for refugees to turn when they need help. Donate below and you could help a refugee child like Hassan rebuild their life in the UK.

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