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Ameena was raped in front of her family because of her political beliefs. She managed to flee her home in Sri Lanka to find safety in the UK but her traumatic experiences had left her suicidal.

Thankfully Ameena was able to come to our therapeutic services where our expert psychotherapists use tried and tested techniques in a culturally sensitive environment, specifically tailored to refugee’s needs.

D18WMMAY May Appeal Ameena

Over the course of several sessions, Fawzia, one of our psychotherapists, listened to Ameena talk about her problems and bit by bit helped her take ownership of her story and begin to feel hopeful again.

She also taught Ameena simple but effective coping techniques, like using a mood journal to monitor her emotions or putting lavender oil on her pillow to help her sleep.

Ameena says that therapy saved her life. By making a donation below you could help more refugees like Ameena access therapy and improve their mental health.

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