General Election 2017

This year’s General Election provides a unique opportunity for influencing your local political candidates. Candidates expect to be approached by constituents and know that they have to listen and respond if they want to win votes. It is important that they know they have constituents who care about the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Act now

1) In 5 minutes… ask your parliamentary candidates to sign the Refugees Welcome pledge to protect the right to asylum
2) In half an hour… if you see misinformed articles on  refugees in your local newspaper or online, write a letter or comment. Use the Refugee Council’s Tell it Like it Is guide to dispel the myths. You might also find our top 20 facts on refugees  and people seeking asylum helpful.
3) In an evening… attend a public meeting or hustings and ask a question of your local candidates about refugees. You can find  out about hustings events near you by searching online or looking in your local paper.

You can find out who the candidates are in your local area by putting your postcode in here.