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Community Engagement Volunteer

About the Refugee Council

The Refugee Council is one of the leading organisations in the UK working with refugees and people seeking asylum. We not only give help and support, but also work with clients to ensure their needs and concerns are voiced and addressed.

Volunteers are a key part of many of the services that support our clients and work alongside paid staff across the organisation.

Our vision—that people seeking asylum and refugees are welcome to live safe and fulfilling lives contributing to the UK—has never been more urgent and needed. Our strategy sets an ambitious new direction which will see us defend refugee protection in the UK against the Government’s corrosive plans with refugees and like-minded allies, united in our desire to create a just, fair and humane refugee protection system.

It also sees us delivering direct services that improve people’s refugee protection journey through targeted advice and casework and strengthening and connecting Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) with other service providers and advocates.

Now is an excellent time to volunteer with the Refugee Council.

About the Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team’s work focuses on creating a thriving and resilient population of RCOs with a strong voice and with the capacity to respond effectively to the needs of their communities and ability to transform refugees’ experience of seeking asylum in UK.

This is a small team which is part of the Refugee Council’s Refugee Involvement team. This team provides capacity-building support to RCOs, amplifying their voice through the work of the London Refugee Advocacy Forum, and facilitates their engagement with stakeholders.

Volunteers in this role will support the Community Engagement Manager to ensure that services provided by RCOs are well known by various stakeholders, that RCOs receive valuable information about the support available to them and that stakeholders—internal as well as external—can communicate and engage with RCOs and reach their clients.

The volunteer role

The volunteer would be expected to carry out a short piece of desk-based research to collect data and then provide an analysis of the results to develop a better understanding of RCOs’ services available to refugees and asylum seekers, and to update our directory of RCOs.

We are looking to map current service provision by RCOs, and to identify the impact of the worsening of the funding environment on refugee community organisations. We also want to improve communication and engagement between RCOs and refugee integration stakeholders, to enable RCOs to know each other better, share experience and resources, promote their work and celebrate success.

Specifically, the volunteer role includes the following tasks:

  • Compile and distribute an e-survey to RCOs asking specific questions about their services
  • Contact RCOs who do not respond to the e-survey by telephone to gain responses
  • To undertake literature reviews where necessary, collate evidence and analyse the findings and write a short report outlining the key findings.
  • Use the e-survey results and contribute to the development of a directory of services provided by RCOs in England.
  • Contribute to the publication of RCO Connect, an electronic newsletter dedicated to providing information to RCOs.
    • This work will include promoting the newsletter to RCOs, drafting articles profiling RCOs and helping them to use the newsletter to share experience and resources, to promote their work and to celebrate success.

You can learn more about this role by downloading our task description here [DOC].

Interested? Please complete the application form [DOCX] and email it to