Covid-19 Signposting Project - Refugee Council

Covid-19 Signposting Project

The Covid-19 Signposting Project was set up in April 2020 in response to the needs of refugees and people seeking asylum in London as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent Government lockdown. During this difficult time, we know many of the people we support have been struggling to meet their basic needs.

What we offer

This project aims to connect refugees and people seeking asylum with detailed information about local specialist support relevant to their particular needs. It is a signposting service only and does not provide advice or guidance.

Who it's for

This service is for refugees and asylum seekers living in London. There is no eligibility criteria related to a person’s immigration status.

How to access this service

Refugees and asylum seekers who are living in London are welcome to contact us directly for help by leaving a voicemail or sending us an email with their name and telephone number so we can call them back. However, if you know someone who could benefit from our support, you can also leave a voicemail or send us an email with your name, contact information, and reason for the referral. Please use the contact details below.

Contact Details