Safer Refugee Women Project - Refugee Council

Safer Refugee Women Project

Therapeutic services for women victims of domestic violence

A gender and culturally sensitive therapeutic service for refugee and asylum seeking women who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence. The support is offered in the form of both one to one counselling and group work.

What we offer

  • One to one counselling: a safe and confidential space where women can explore the impact of the continuum of anxiety and stress brought about by their forced migration. Women are given useful information about the psychological reasons for their frightening symptoms, empowering them with grounding, breathing and mindfulness techniques to enable them to better manage flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms arising from the extreme nature of their experiences
  • Creative focus group: a weekly space for vulnerable women who are feeling isolated and trapped in the role of asylum seeker and who yearn to be able to be involved in activities that better define who they are. Pattern cutting, sewing, crochet, knitting and beadwork are some of the activities in this group
  • Mothers and Toddlers Group: for women with children who are not yet of school age. Facilitated by an experienced clinical psychologist, mothers and their toddlers who may have been isolated are able to socialise. It gives the toddlers the opportunity to explore play and communicate with other children

Who it's for

Refugee and asylum seeking women who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence.

How to access this service

To make a referral please ensure your client meets the criteria of being an asylum seeking or refugee woman who has experienced or witnessed gender-based or domestic violence and then request a referral form by contacting us at the email address below.