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Training for professionals

People who work with refugees and asylum seekers know that there is a mass of ever-changing practice and statute law relating to their clients and that they are working with individuals who are vulnerable and often traumatised by past experiences.

The Refugee Council has years of experience running training courses designed to support service providers in their work with asylum seekers and refugees in particular, though many courses are also suitable for people working with any migrant group.

Our training reflects the expertise gained through our own front-line service provision.  Most of our trainers are practitioners first and foremost ensuring that our training is:

  • Responsive: Our programme is shaped to your needs
  • Comprehensive: Our wide range of courses and expert trainers enable us to summarise the complexities of the asylum system
  • Relevant and up to date: Our courses share our years of front-line experience, providing current information and real answers for your questions about working with migrants and refugees
  • Empowering: Giving you the skills and confidence you need to work on behalf of this vulnerable group

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