Appeal from Colin Firth


To Melody, adults either abuse her or ignore her.
Please be different.

Melody has been let down by so many adults in her life. After her parents died in a car crash, her only remaining relative was her terminally ill grandmother. A family friend offered to take Melody on holiday to the UK to give her a break. Her grandmother agreed, trusting that she would be safe.

When they arrived in the UK, this trusted friend forced her into slavery. She was held captive in a flat and forced to cook and clean. Then forced to sleep with the men who paid to visit her room.

MelodyMelody was just 12 years old.

After years of abuse, she fought back against one of the men and was thrown out by her captors. Still just a child, she had to live on the streets. She had no passport and the authorities wouldn’t recognise her for who she was; a scared little girl who desperately needed help.

The Refugee Council supports vulnerable children like Melody who have been trafficked to the UK through no fault of their own. The Refugee Council can find them a safe place to stay and give them the practical help they need to move on with their lives, even when they’ve suffered for years as Melody had. But they can’t do it without you.

£40 can buy an emergency care pack for a scared and vulnerable child.

With your help, a child who has nothing and no one to turn to can have clean clothes, shoes, soap and the support of adults who care. It’s the first step to regaining their dignity and recovering from the horrors they’ve faced.

Please help a child like Melody today.Please donate

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Thank you,

Colin Firth

MelodyYou can also hear Melody's Story in her own words by visiting this page.