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Hassan told his story in Syria and was tortured. He told his story in the UK and was ignored. Now, with the Refugee Council, Hassan finally has a voice. Will you listen?

In Syria, Hassan was in fear for his life every day. He spoke up and demonstrated against the regime, but he was arrested, put in an overcrowded prison cell and only taken out to be interrogated.

When the secret intelligence started to harass his family after he was released, Hassan knew he had to flee.

He came to the UK to find safety with his cousin who was already living here. Hassan claimed asylum at Heathrow airport and told them his story, but he was ignored.

The police were called and Hassan told his story again, but they ignored him too and took him to court.

With the help of an interpreter, Hassan learnt that he was going to prison for 3 months because he didn't have the right papers. He was then released, given £70 and told to go. He didn't know where he was or where to go.

Thankfully, he managed to find his cousin, Nadia, who took him to the government for help. They sent him to live in temporary accommodation in Bradford and gave him £5 a day to live on.

Hassan was then given refugee status. But this meant he had to leave his accommodation in 28 days and his payment was stopped. He was told to go to the Job Centre and find somewhere else to live.

When he looked for work, Hassan found out he needed his National Insurance number. He didn't receive this for 2 months, and started having panic attacks.

Luckily, he didn't have to sleep on the streets as Nadia let him sleep on her sofa. They found out about the Refugee Council and we listened to his story.

We helped Hassan access English lessons and are helping him find a place to live. Our Therapeutic Casework team are giving him emotional support and helping him to recover from his traumatic experience in Syria as well as in the UK.

Last year, we supported around a quarter of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the UK. In the coming months, more people will continue to flee the danger in Syria, which means that we need to be there to help them rebuild their lives.

With your help, we can be there to support Syrians who have fled in fear for their lives. We can be there to listen to their story and offer them practical and emotional support.

Just £30 can pay for an emergency care pack containing warm clothes, food and a bus pass until we can find them a place to live.

Please donate to our appeal and help refugees like Hassan who don't know where to turn.

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For more information about Hassan's journey, and to discover facts and figures about claiming asylum in the UK, read our handy guide: