Therapeutic Counsellor Volunteer

Date posted
22 September 2017
Luton or Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire
Contact Name
Jet Hardinge
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The Refugee Council is one of the leading organisations in the UK working with refugees and people seeking asylum. We not only give help and support, but also work with clients to ensure their needs and concerns are voiced and addressed. Volunteers are a key part of many of the services that support our clients and work alongside paid staff across the organisation.

The voluneer will work with other therapists and deliver individual and/or group therapeutic services to rehabilitate and meet the holistic needs of unaccompanied asylum seeking children and to support them throughout their journey towards psychological healing and practical empowerment.

For more  information, please find attached the task descrption.1. Therapeutic Counsellor Volunteer Task Description LUTON FSTT

To apply please complete the attached application and send to Jet Hardinge. 1. Volunteer Application