Photography Volunteer

Date posted
23 March 2018
Closing date
23 April 2018
Contact Name
Stephanie Milton
Apply for opportunity Email an enquiry Call on 0114 399 0800

The Refugee Council is one of the leading organisations in the UK working with refugees and people seeking asylum. We not only give help and support, but also work with clients to ensure their needs and concerns are voiced and addressed. Volunteers are a key part of many of the services that support our clients and work alongside paid staff across the organisation.

This Team provides resettlement and integration services to the Refugee Council. Clients on resettlement programmes are given integration support during the first 12 months of being in the UK including healthcare, education and Job Centre.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to plan and deliver photography sessions including technical tutorials, group photo walks and portrait taking sessions. This could link in with a project for clients to tell their stories through words, pictures, art and drama. The group will to start to learn about photography, and to think about their lives in South Yorkshire whilst taking photographs.  This work could lead to an exhibition during Refugee Week 2018.

For more information please see the attached Task DescriptionPhotography

Interviews to be held on 25.04.2018