Refugees into Teaching Volunteer


I have stumbled upon an organisation (Refugee Council) which has supported me every step of the way and has now got me within reach of my professional goals.

Alex, volunteer, Refugees into Teaching

I first became aware of the existence of RiT while researching avenues into teaching career in the first half of last year.  Before I found them I had spent months trying to find a way to become a teacher, and had come to what I thought was the end of my journey, I was ready to give up.  They were recommended to me during one of the many futile phone calls I made, as I tried to find out more about Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) training. At this point I felt dispirited, and wondered whether it was worth continuing. Thanks to this chance remark I have stumbled upon an organisation which has supported me every step of the way and has now got me within reach of my professional goals.

As someone with a refugee background, it can at time feel like doors close one by one in front of you as you try to build a new life in a new place. Even as the months turn into years, you can have the feeling of being a second class citizen sometimes. From day one RiT has responded to my individual needs. Within days of the first phone call I was given an impressive amount of relevant information and an opportunity for a meeting with one of their advisors.  The first meeting provided me with even greater wealth of information and helped me realise the exact nature of challenges ahead. My advisor did a great deal of research into the quality of learning providers in my chosen field and made me aware of all the steps I needed to take in order to gain entry into some of the most sought after courses. I was particularly impressed with attention to detail taken in identifying the exact nature of my background and relevant skills, in order to maximise the speed and ease of my progression towards my goals. I felt she really listened, and tried to know me. Even from the beginning, my thoughts about what I could achieve grew brighter, and I felt that, rather than being something I couldn’t reach, teaching could actually be a real possibility.

Following the initial introduction I was invited to several workshops organised by the RiT where I have come to realise the scope of RiT’s efforts. The workshops provided me with necessary skills and tools for progression. They started with the introduction to teaching in the UK, helped me with creating relevant CV and guided me in creating my personal statement for GTTR application. Most importantly I was introduced to one of the admission tutors in one of my desired places of study who still mentors me. This was an amazing thing for me, something I could never have hoped to do on my own.  I feel things in reverse the more I am in contact with them, one open door is leading to another, and I can see myself confident in the classroom teaching others.

Thanks to RiT I am now on a school placement in South London and am gaining first hand experience of teaching in the UK. This will be of immense value on my forthcoming interview in February to gain access to PGCE Drama with one of my chosen providers. I’ve taken the opportunity and have found that, while being the learner, I enjoy helping others succeed even more. I do not think that I would have reached this point so soon after contacting RiT if I didn’t have their help. Their continued support has made me feel like I have somewhere to turn to for advice and they continue to be a part of my professional progression.   They have really walked with me at each step as an equal, which is more than I could have hoped for just a few months ago. I know they will be seeing a lot more of me in the future!