I need therapeutic support

If you or someone you know could benefit from some additional support, we can help.

Our Therapeutic Services offer free holistic support for asylum seekers and refugees who would like support with any of the following emotional issues:

  • Distress caused by the asylum seeking process
  • Physical and/or psychological problems that may result from issues such as loss, separation, torture, rape and/or abuse
  • Psychological problems that may result from issues such as domestic or sexual violence.

 The Therapeutic Services team offers a number of ways to address issues in a safe environment.  Our specialist services include:

  • Therapeutic Counselling: 1-to-1 short-term counselling (max 12 sessions) adjusted to the client’s needs.
  • Safer Refugee Women Project: A gender sensitive and culturally aware service for refugee women who have survived sexual and domestice violence.
  • Rimba Project: 1-to-1 short-term counselling (max 12 sessions) for male refugee and asylum seeking clients in need of therapeutic support. Working in outreach at Barry House, initial accommodation.
  • Psycho- Educational therapeutic workshops: Empowerment workshops on health and wellbeing for asylum seekers and refugees affected by war, conflict and violence to relearn emotional/social skills, to better understand your situation/inner resources, improve your longer term rehabilitation and support each other.
  • Mother and toddler group: Mothers and their toddlers coming together to share learning on parenting skills. In turn, maternal well being has a direct impact on the adjustment and development of young children.

For more information on the Therapeutic Casework Unit, contact Therapeutic London london.therapeutic@refugeecouncil.org.uk