Just Bread project

Just Bread is a new Refugee Council initiative designed to support the training, employment and emotional needs of refugee women. The project is delivered in collaboration with E5 Bakehouse in Hackney.

Participants learn about established bread making techniques in this country and explore the skills and experience they gained in their home countries.  Similarities and differences in ingredients, equipment and baking methods will be discussed and experimentation encouraged. 

Just Bread London traineesCourse content includes:

  • Introduction to bread-making (exploration of properties and taste)
  • Italian breads (develop shaping skills through making ciabatta, focaccia and grissini)
  • Bread made with Biga (Italian yeast-based pre-dough)
  • Sourdoughs and Ethnic breads
  • Bread shaping techniques
  • Enriched Breads (e.g. brioche, pannetone, cinnamon rolls)
  • Experimenting with bread

 Just Bread Tea Break


In addition to the training outlined above, all participants will recieve on-going employment support and get to visit a variety of bakers.  Participants learn techniques from the professionals and with support from our partners, will get the opportunity to undertake a work placement within a bakery to gain experience.

Aimed at:   Women interested in exploring bread making as a route towards gaining new skills and accessing employment.

Duration:   10 weeks (One day per week)

Additional support:

Throughout the programme, participants will be supported by our employment advice and guidance workers. Their role is to support the women to explore routes into further training or employment and to create an action plan to guide them towards their desired goals.

Just BreadTake a look at our website at www.justbreadlondon.com


Contact us for more information:  rij@refugeecouncil.org.uk / 020 7346 1047