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Having fun and building confidence at Girls Group

Girls get a regular chance to relax and be themselves at our Girls Group. It’s somewhere they can feel safe and happy.

They come each week to meet other young people and make new friends from a range of backgrounds and cultures, and to develop their skills and confidence.

Activity-based sessions are designed to give the girls practical tools to address challenges they face, as well as a sense of achievement. For example, we teach them range of coping tools to help manage stress. We also encourage them to track their own progress, share their thoughts about what has contributed to positive change, to talk about the things that are troubling them if they wish, and to share smiles and laughter as well.

The impact? Better communication skills and the ability to cope with stress and other demands of daily life as an unaccompanied refugee child.

“It is amazing what you do here. She is very happy and always talking and smiling.” Foster carer of girl attending our group

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