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Roshani’s story

Roshani was traumatised and vulnerable when she arrived in the UK. We helped her get back on her feet, providing counselling to help her recover from her ordeal.

There was civil war in my country. They bombed many places. I ask myself, “Why did I survive?”

I felt fear when I first arrived in the UK – what if the police are going to arrest me? The past life made me worried – the police and armed forces are different here. I didn’t know the system. I didn’t know how to get around. I had limited English. I couldn’t understand anyone.

People treated me very nicely at the Refugee Council. They helped me with the Home Office interview and getting permission to stay in the country for five years. They gave me clothes because I had nothing. My arm was badly injured in the bombing. They registered me with a GP and went to hospital with me when I was much worse.

When I first came I had health problems. I couldn’t sleep – I was traumatised. At the time, my mind wasn’t settled… I felt full of tears and I didn’t have any words. Refugee Council helped me to get therapy.

Now I am an assistant teacher. I work with people of different cultures. I want to support people. I am going to do my English GCSE this year.

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