Tesfamhret's career to date - Refugee Council

Tesfamhret’s career to date

Deputy Regional Manager, Resettlement Team

I came to the UK in 2004 as an asylum seeker and was dispersed to Barnsley. In 2005 I was granted refugee status. In June 2005, I Joined the Refugee Council as a volunteer and sessional paid interpreter. In February 2006, I started a full-time project worker role and since then I have been working for the Refuge Council in different capacities. Currently I am Deputy Regional Manager for Yorkshire and Humberside.

In addition to my role at the Refugee Council, I am a guest lecturer at Munich University on Integration, I have published two books in Tigriyna, I campaign for a better treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, deliver seminars to migrant and refugee parents as well as to youth groups across Europe, America and Canada to empower them to successfully integrate.