Political celeb-spotting in Bournemouth - Refugee Council
September 24, 2007

Political celeb-spotting in Bournemouth

The annual conference of the governing political party is always a field day for celeb-spotting.  The entire cabinet, most junior ministers, dozens of MPs and their entourages, are joined by local activists, campaigners (that’s why we’re here!) and the political media.  As you can imagine, security is tight.

Everyone converges on Bournemouth from London – and the taxi queue at the station is massive.  Not that Poliblogger makes a habit of hanging around taxi queues or of political celeb-spotting, but in one queue alone I saw Cabinet Minister John Hutton MP, BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson and Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee.  Add that to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and David Lammy MP (often talked of as the most likely first black Prime Minister) spotted this morning and it’s been a good first day!