Three simple acts for Refugee Week 2009 - Refugee Council
June 11, 2009

Three simple acts for Refugee Week 2009

By Kelly, Online and Information Team

Refugee Week 2009 is upon us! This year Refugee Week is all about simple acts: small actions you can do to change perception of refugees. With this in mind we thought we’d list three easy ways you can get involved this Refugee Week:

1) Visit a Refugee Week event

There are hundreds of events taking place in Refugee Week – from the Celebrating Sanctuary festival on London’s South Bank to a programme of plays at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff.

Visit the Refugee Week events calendar to find one near you

Discover what the Refugee Council is up to this Refugee Week

2) Join a big action campaign in support of refugees

This is easier than it sounds. If you haven’t signed up yet, why not sign the Let Them Work pledge in support of giving asylum seekers permission to work? Or let five of your friends know about the pledge by email. To date nearly two thousand people have signed our pledge, as have many MPs.

3) Sign off your email with a note about refugees

For Refugee Week, the British Red Cross are running the Look Beyond the Label campaign – asking you to change your online status in support of refugees. Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, besotted by Bebo or Twittering away, go to to find out the easy way to get involved.

You can also keep up to date with everything going on this Refugee Week by following simple_acts on Twitter.

Enjoy Refugee Week!

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