Understanding public law - Refugee Council
April 16, 2008

Understanding public law

The National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) has been in touch to let us know about their project, Empowering The Voluntary Sector, which will be of interest to many refugee community organisations.

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, it brings together NAVCA and the Public Law Project (PLP) to support the voluntary and community sector to understand the principles and framework of public law. There’s a national training programme, a free legal advice line and a quarterly newsletter.

Kevin Curley, chief executive of NAVCA says: “Small organisations often feel helpless when they are informed from on high that their funding is being withdrawn or services are being cut. This project will give them the information and support they need to challenge unjust decisions taken by public bodies. It will help them develop the confidence to engage in a robust dialogue, making litigation an option of last resort to tackle those public bodies that continue to shirk their responsibilities.”

Show refugees you believe in them this winter

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