Trustee week- celebrating RCO trustees! - Refugee Council
November 2, 2011

Trustee week- celebrating RCO trustees!

This week (31 October- 6 November) is Trustee’s Week and the Basis Project would like to congratulate the amazing work of Refugee Community Organisation trustees across the country. We are constantly inspired by the work of RCO trustees- we know you play an invaluable role in helping some of the most vulnerable people in the UK to overcome trauma, build new lives and integrate into British society.

One great example is the Afghan Association of Harrow. Their ‘Recipe for Integration’ project is helping Afghan women build their confidence and integrate to the local community. You can see more, and hear their Chair, Karim Shirin, talk about his experience on these short films .

Being a great trustee is an ongoing journey and there are lots of great resources out there to help you develop. The Basis Project governance toolkit is a great starting point; this Good Governance Code for small charities (launched this week!) will be helpful for many smaller RCOs and know-how non-profit has a large and growing range of resources.

Show refugees you believe in them this winter

This winter thousands of refugee men, women and children are rebuilding their lives in the UK, will you show you believe in them?