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July 11, 2013

Asylum seekers access to healthcare – download our new leaflet

We’ve published some useful new leaflets that explain asylum seekers’ rights and entitlements to NHS and heath treatments in the UK.

Asylum seekers have long had difficulties in accessing the healthcare they are entitled to. We’re worried that the government’s rhetoric around ‘health tourism’ is going to make it even more difficult for our clients. We hope that these new leaflets, produced by our Health Befriending Network will help clear up any misunderstandings.

You can download the leaflets for free in several languages here.

Recent research by The British Journal of Midwifery confirms that:

Asylum Seeking and Refugee women appear to benefit from having a befriender with the development of a trusting relationship with a woman who has been in a similar situation. The befriender speaks the same language and understands the client’s social and cultural background and the difficulties clients may be facing”

Evaluating the impact of befriending for pregnant asylum-seeking and refugee women BJM, Volume 21: Issue 6, June 2013, reproduced with kind permission of The British Journal of Midwifery 

The Health Befriending Network works directly with asylum seekers and refugees.  Through volunteer befrienders we provide support to access different health services, such as liaising with GPs, hospitals, dentists and other health care providers.