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Trafficked Children’s Project

Every year, children are trafficked into the UK to be used in forced labour, sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation. We protect them and help them find safety.

We work directly with young victims of trafficking, supporting them through the legal and criminal justice systems. We liaise with other services including legal representatives, social services, law enforcement, education and healthcare. We also accompany young people to appointments and ensure that they understand what is happening in their lives.

In 2018, labour exploitation and sexual exploitation were the most common reasons for referral of trafficked children

Our specialist Advisers have expertise across the range of legal issues which these young people face. They are often the only adult in the child’s life who understands all the complexities involved and who can guide the child through the variety of difficult processes they face.

“Every day we work with young people who have been through horrifying experiences, and we see the lasting effects trafficking can have on them. We are constantly amazed by their resilience and strength to start rebuilding their lives here.” Helen Johnson, Head of Children’s Services, Refugee Council

In 2017/18, we supported






foster carers were trained in how best to support trafficked children during sessions delivered with our partner ECPAT

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