Making Homelessness Applications for Single Refugees - Refugee Council

Making Homelessness Applications for Single Refugees

Next course dates 25th July 2019, London and 6th September 2019, Leeds.

When receiving leave to remain, refugees commonly become homeless.

With demand for housing high, it can be difficult to prove that individuals have a priority need for accommodation.  Yet many single refugees suffer from mental and physical health conditions that make them more vulnerable.  If this vulnerability is exacerbated by being homeless, councils may have a duty to house them.

By the end of training, participants will:

  • have had experience of how to identify what duties the council owes to clients in different circumstances
  • know how to help a client navigate their way through the different duties and types of accommodation offers they might have
  • know how to determine if clients have a priority need for accommodation due to their vulnerability
  • understand what information should be in decision letters from the council
  • know the different ways to challenge homelessness decisions and when to apply which process
  • have had experience writing a letter requesting a review of a homelessness decision

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