Managing Mental Distress & Promoting Well-being for Separated Children - Refugee Council

Managing Mental Distress & Promoting Well-being for Separated Children

Course suitability

Suitable for social workers, foster carers, mental health professionals and others working with or having an interest in the well-being of separated child and adolescent refugees or asylum seekers.

Course Overview

This training will support frontline professionals to gain skills and knowledge in the management of mental health issues in unaccompanied child and adolescent refugees, and asylum seekers. It will focus on the Refugee Experience and look at presentations of trauma, mental health symptoms, and suicidality within a psychosocial context.  It will identify ways of working to support and promote well-being across language and cultural barriers.


  • To gain knowledge about the asylum process and cultural context in which refugee populations arrive in the UK
  • To gain understanding of different mental health symptoms in a refugee context and effective ways of responding
  • To assess complex symptom presentations across linguistic barriers
  • To consider the most effective ways to manage these presentations given limitations in resources and follow-up