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Online Training

More schedule dates coming by end of May.  To organise online training for your staff team, please contact us.

We’re now offering most of our trainings online; either commission a whole course for your staff, or visit our Eventbrite page, to book individual places.

Our trainings have been adapted to suit an online learning environment, so we now offer a range of short courses, and trainings spread over two half-days, to take the pressure off of computer-tired eyes.  We’ve worked hard to retain our interactive and participatory approach, that participants have told us they enjoy, and we’re proud to offer these trainings to you.

Our current list of online trainings includes:

Children’s Section Courses:

  • Age Assessments of Separated Children and Young People – 2 half-days
  • Appropriate Adults in Age Assessments – short course
  • The Asylum Process for Separated Children – short course (more dates soon)
  • Separated Children’s Care Entitlements – short course (more dates soon)
  • Intro to Age Assessments – short course (not suitable for Social Workers)
  • Working with Interpreters – short course (more dates soon)
  • Turning 18 as a Separated Young Person – short course

Therapeutic Services Courses:

  • Supporting Emotional Well-being and Resilience in Separated Children – 2 half-days
  • Psychosocial Support of Adult Refugees and Asylum Seekers – full-day (more dates soon)
  • Trauma-informed Practice with Adult Refugees – 2 half-days (for Therapists)
  • Trauma-informed Practice with Separated Children – 2 half-days (for Therapists -more dates soon)
  • Intro to Working with Interpreters in Psychological Therapy and Mental Health Settings – half-day (more dates soon)
  • Good Practice in Working with Interpreters in Psychological Therapy and Mental Health Settings – half-day

Integration Services Courses:

  • Intro to Asylum and Supporting Refugees – half-day
  • Making Homelessness Applications for Single Refugees – full-day (more dates soon)

Visit our Eventbrite page for more info, or email us if you’ve got a question.