Leave a gift in your Will

Throughout history, for reasons of war, conflict, disaster and persecution, people have been forced to flee their countries. In 1951 the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees was established, giving everyone the right to asylum; we have been transforming the lives of refugees ever since.

Since the convention was established, the Refugee Council has been committed to supporting refugees. Whilst governments and political agendas change, the need to provide asylum does not.

We cannot predict the wars, conflicts or oppressive regimes that will force people to seek asylum in the UK.  But we can make sure that anyone who arrives in the UK seeking sanctuary finds the safety and support they deserve, so they can start to rebuild their lives with dignity, just as we have done since 1951.

The Refugee Council is the leading charity working with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Leaving the Refugee Council a gift in your Will means that we can continue to be a lifeline for vulnerable refugee men, women and children. You can give them someone they can turn to. Someone they can trust.

If you'd like to receive our legacies leaflet or any further information about leaving a gift in your Will, please email us or call us on 0207 346 1205.

Did you know that if you leave at least 10% of your estate to the Refugee Council in your Will, you'll qualify for the reduced rate of inheritance tax of 36%? Click here to find out more and calculate your donation.