Wall climbing with the drama group

Scaling the wallAs part of the psycho-educational aspects of the Drama Therapy group we recently  took members to a climbing wall at a West London sports centre where they found themselves putting into practice some of the skills and insights they have been gaining from their group work, such as learning to work co-operatively, respecting each other’s different needs and abilities, trusting themselves to meet challenges that could initially appear overwhelming, and understanding that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. With the encouragement and support of their team members and the therapists, every single young person managed to get to the top of the walls, a remarkable achievement as none of them had ever tried wall-climbing before. Afterwards we spent some time sharing feedback on what they had learned from the day:

“… You have to trust yourself and be confident, also trust your team member who is pulling the rope down.”

“… I need to be safe and help other people, it was good because I didn’t know nothing and I wanted someone to help me.”

“ … I can handle everything even though I can be scared.”

“…Life goes on even if we fell. We need to climb to the top to see the view.”

My View wall climbing