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Gateway Protection Programme

The Gateway Protection Programme has now closed. Between 2004 and 2020 it helped to resettle the most vulnerable people from refugee camps across the globe. We welcomed them and helped them to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Over 79.5 million people around the globe have had to flee their homes due to war and persecution. The Gateway Protection Programme was operated by the UN in partnership with the UK government until it closed in March 2020. The new UK Resettlement Scheme started in February 2021.

Through the Gateway Protection Programme, we resettled refugees who fled crisis and human rights abuses in countries including:

  • Somalia
  • Myanmar
  • Sudan
  • Palestine
  • Afghanistan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo


The Refugee Council resettled refugees in Hull and Sheffield via the scheme from 2006


refugees were estimated to be vulnerable and in need of resettlement in 2019


since 2004, the UK has resettled around 750 refugees each year

How we help refugees resettle

Refugees resettled via the Gateway programme had often spent decades in refugee camps – for some, it was the only life they had known.

We worked with partners, including local authorities and community groups, to help them settle in to their new homes and neighbourhoods. This included providing advice on accessing local community services, banking and transport, help finding accommodation, work, education and volunteering opportunities

Our staff and volunteers provided 12 months of intensive support in order to give refugees a strong foundation on which to rebuild their lives.

Partner with us to help resettle refugees

We partner with local organisations to provide long-term support for resettled refugees. Local authorities that were partnered with us on the Gateway Protection Programme said that it can improve community cohesion and provide opportunities to improve general council services too. If your organisation is interested in helping provide services to refugees, please contact us.

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