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Refugee Council’s response to Covid-19

Discover how we're adapting our vital services and ways you can support by donating and taking action.

Refugee Council has always provided a lifeline to refugees and people seeking asylum, but now our work is more critical than ever before.

We have adapted our operations so that we can continue to provide vital services for refugees and deliver critical support in new and different ways, making sure we reach those who need help the most.

How we are continuing our vital work

  • Regular check ins and important information in multiple languages
  • Finding emergency housing for people made homeless
  • Online workshops, classes and social activities
  • Data bundles and phone credit so people can get online
  • One-to-one phone counselling
  • Emergency advice on asylum claims, accommodation and access to food and medicine
  • Hardship grants and food provisions
  • Remote casework for age dispute and trafficked children's projects

Please browse the Get Support sections of our website to find information or make an enquiry.

How we're holding the Government to account

We are calling on the Government to protect refugee and people seeking asylum at risk due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  Whilst the Home Office have responded positively to some of our calls, we remain seriously concerned about the provisions in place for particular groups of people.

People are still required to travel to register an asylum claim, live in cramped accommodation without space to self-isolate, and are struggling to afford basic necessities to look after themselves and their families.

Our key policy calls to the Home Office in response to Covid-19:

  1. Increase asylum support by £20 per week to bring it in line with Universal Credit.
  2. Make it possible for people to claim asylum without having to travel.
  3. Give all people seeking asylum accommodation suitable for social distancing and self-isolation.

Support us today with these actions:

  1. Sign the open letter to the Home Secretary calling for immediate changes
  2. Email your MP and ask them to raise these issues with the Home Secretary

For more information, we also regularly update our page on changes to asylum and resettlement policy and practice.

Call on the Home Secretary to protect people seeking asylum

We’re calling on the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to take further steps to protect people seeking asylum during this crisis – please sign the urgent letter.

Sign the letter

How you can help: can you donate today and help fund this vital work?

Refugee Solidarity Fund

In response to the Covid-19 emergency we have established the Refugee Solidarity Fund so that we can continue these critical services in the challenging months ahead.