Do some voluntary work in a school

Volunteer in a school

1. Create a good CV

All schools want to see your skills and experience presented well - the same applies for paid and unpaid work.  If you don't have a good CV, it is unlikely a school will consider you for voluntary placement.  Without UK work experience, it will be very unlikely you will get a place on Initial Teacher Training.  Therefore, a CV is very important.

Download the following information sheets for more CV guidance here:

CV Sample (PDF)

Guidelines for creating your CV (PDF)


2. Find a school and approach them

If you want to either apply for Initial Teacher Training, or for a job in a school, it is essential to have some experience in an English school first. There is no standard way to apply for voluntary experience, but the information below suggests the best way to approach schools and highlight your experience.

Download information sheets here:

How to get voluntary work in a school (PDF)

Sample cover letter (PDF)

Tips for Writing your Volunteer Cover Letter (PDF)

3. Get the most out of your placement

Once you have found a school where you can volunteer, you can make sure that your placement benefits you as much as the school will benefit from your help. The file below has resources to help you record what you learn, and how to get the right experience on placement.

Download an information sheet here:

Starting a voluntary placement in a school (PDF)


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