Find out what entry qualifications you need

Entry qualifications

1. Find out what your qualifications mean in England

There are specific qualifications that teachers must have in England.  Unless you know what your qualifications are equivalent to in England, you can't move forward. UK NARIC is the company that does this service - you will need to send them your high school AND university certificates.

Download an information sheet here:

Overseas qualifications in the UK (PDF)

2. Learn what further qualifications you need

To become a teacher in England, you need the equivalent to certain GCSEs as well as an undergraduate degree.  Find out more about getting the right GCSEs or equivalent, and what qualifications you need for different university courses.  Then you can plan when to apply.

Download information sheets here:

GCSE requirements for Initial Teacher Training (PDF)

Applying for university undergraduate and Initial Teacher Training courses (PDF)

3. Think about the costs of studying

ven if you are eligible for funding for university, there are still other costs to consider - if you are doing Initial Teacher Training for example, it is intensive you can't work full time.  Considering the cost of studying can help you plan and make decisions.

Download an information sheet here:

Fees and funding (PDF)


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