Working as support staff in a school

1. Find out more about support roles

Heard the name Teaching Assistant but not sure what it means?  Read about other roles in schools and how they are different the main teacher in the classroom.

Download an information sheet here:

Support roles in schools (PDF)

2. Decide what job you would like to apply for

There are many different roles in schools - you need to be sure it is the right choice for you. Think about hours of work, salary and type of job you want. Learning support covers Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors and Nursery Nurses.  Technical and admin staff include Science Technicians and Examinations Officers.

Download information sheets covering many jobs here:

Learning support staff (PDF)

Technical and Admin roles (pdf)

3. Search for jobs online

Finding a support staff job works in a similar way to finding a full teacher position - most are advertised through the internet.

Searching for a job

4. Prepare for interview

You need to spend time preparing for interviews, and having answers to questions they might ask you.  Use the example question below to help.

Download an information sheet here:

Example Teaching Assistant interview questions (PDF)