How you can help

Join the Overseas Teachers facebook group

The link above will take you to the facebook group set up specifially to support refugee teachers in a virtual way.  You can help by answering questions posed by teachers in the group, or posting useful information on events, resources and courses.

Help with voluntary placements in schools

If you work in a school, you can help refugees gain valuable experience by offering them voluntary placement opportunities at primary or secondary level. If you would like to offer a placement to a refugee who is working towards rebuilding their teaching career please contact us on 0808 808 2252.

Run information events/support groups

If you are teacher or education professional and would like to voluntarily run a one of or regular information workshop for refugees at our offices please do get in touch. We rely on the goodwill on offer from those with a professional background willing to share their expertise and knowledge.

Previous workshops have included, Routes into teaching, Behaviour Management, Applying for Initial Teaching Training. We welcome suggestions.