Refugees into jobs

The Refugee Council’s employment service aims to provide information, advice, guidance and support to refugees looking to access training, volunteering and employment opportunities to those based in Greater London.

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Current projects:

Please contact us directly to find out more about our services, to discuss how we can help or to make an appointment with an adviser.

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Employers' guide to refugees

The Refugee Council in partnership with the Equality and Human Rights Commission have produced a short guide for employers on understanding refugee documentation.  The guide shows the standard identity documents a refugee will possess and will use to evidence their permission to work.  

Employing Refugees - Guide to identity documents (Dec 2014)

Employers' Guide


Here's what our client wrote to us about his experience of our service:

What an absolute delight to read your mail. The CV you wrote in my behalf made me realize that I have skills and qualities that I never thought I had. I thought I was just one ordinary, unskilled and unqualified refugee who is about to start life from scratch. 

Thank you so much for seeing something positive in me. It is hard to find people who would value me as a normal person let alone as a skilled person when living as an "immigrant". I hope, with your help, will find myself in a position to be self supportive and contribute something to this country that gave me a second chance in life"