Keep Families Together

Where would you be without your family?

We can only imagine what people have fled, but we can help them rebuild their future and bring their families back together.

We can reunite families torn apart by war and persecution by making a change to the unfair rules that are preventing refugees in the UK from being joined by their families. We know that for refugees who have been through so much, rebuilding their lives and integrating in new, unfamiliar communities is much more likely if their families are with them.

But restrictive government rules are leaving them isolated, traumatised and alone in the UK, knowing that the people they love still face untold dangers in other countries.

Families Together is a coalition of organisations, including Amnesty International, British Red Cross, UNHCR and Oxfam, who helped Angus MacNeil MP to secure the Bill. The Refugee Council, as part of the coalition, is urging MPs across parties to vote to amend the UK’s restrictive rules keeping refugees apart from their loved ones.

By voting on 16 March to reunite refugee families, our MPs can show true leadership and help refugees rebuild their lives in the UK. These fairer new rules would stop children having to grow up alone, without their family in the UK, young women being stranded in war zones and elderly parents left to fend for themselves.

On 16 March, MPs voted to support the Bill. Our supporter action is now closed. Thank you for your support. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved in this and other campaigns, sign up to receive our email updates