Services Directory Instructions

The Services Directory contains several different contact lists;

  • Key Organisations - Other organisations which provide specialist advice to refugees and asylum seekers in UK, campaign or advocate on their behalf or link refugee and asylum issues to broader debates on migration and human rights
  • Other sources of help for asylum seekers - Organisations which provide direct assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in UK
  • RCO Directory - UK Refugee Community Organisations 
  • RCO Resources - Resources for Refugee Community Organisations in UK
  • Refugees into teaching - Resources for Refugee teachers in UK

You can search individual lists by filter results using the Filter by category dropdown and selecting the relevant category. You can also filter by region, by the type of service you require or by entering a keyword.

If you would like to add, change, or remove your organisations details on this directory please click here

if you have any problems please contact Ezechias Ngendahayo on