Social media moderation guidelines - Refugee Council

Social media moderation guidelines

Our social media channels are an important place to share our news, campaigns and ways to support our work, and we welcome your comments, stories and other contributions.

It also matters to us that our channels are a safe and friendly place, so we aim to ensure contributions are relevant and respectful. We may hide comments that contravene this aim, and ban users who repeatedly do so.

When you post to our channels, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please use polite and respectful language when talking about individuals, groups or organisations.
  • We always aim to remove any derogatory language, hate speech or personal attacks, as well as any distressing images, videos or links.
  • We welcome debate and opinions, however our remit is to stand up for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. Therefore we may remove content which seeks to deny refugee rights, as well as other off-topic content.
  • As a charity we have limited resource for our social media, so we may remove comments when we cannot manage reviewing them all, including those not in English. It also can take us a few days to review content and we may not be able to review everything.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our social media channels, please do contact us.