Introduction to Working with Separated Children

Course overview
Separated children are some of the most vulnerable children in society. Many of the issues relating to working with them will be common to those  with experience of working with other vulnerable children.  However, some of the experiences of these children, and issues specific to immigration and the asylum process, are likely to be less familiar. This course will bring these two aspects together, explaining potential background issues these children may have faced and the processes they go through once in the UK, and exploring how best to respond to some of these difficulties.

Aims and objectives
Participants will gain knowledge of relevant legal and support processes for separated refugee children and examine the implications for the care and protection of these young people. By completing this one-day course participants will have a practical understanding of:


  • Who separated children are
  • The asylum determination process and the roles of those involved
  • The legal and policy framework for support and care
  • Assessing the needs of separated children and planning for their support
  • Some of the common issues faced by separated children and those working with them