Age Assessments of Separated Children and Young People

Course Overview

Conducting age assessments can be a daunting prospect for many practitioners. The outcome of these assessments have significant consequences for those involved and it is important to ensure that young people are protected and cared for appropriately throughout. A good quality and lawfully conducted assessment process can help to protect against children being assessed as adults and vice versa.


Aims and objectives

The course aims to help participants to understand the legal framework within which age assessments are conducted. Delegates will look at both legal requirements and best practice guidance and discuss a range of factors, including cultural differences, which can affect the age assessment process. By completing this one-day course participants will have a practical understanding of:

  •    The legislative and policy framework of children’s services and  the Home Office
  •    The current position of the courts in England and Wales
  •  What constitutes a lawful assessment
  •  Factors which can affect the age assessment process
  •  Best practice – how to conduct assessments fairly and sensitively