Age Disputed Children and Children in Detention

The Age Dispute project works with children who are assessed to be over 18 years of age. The consequence of this is that they cannot access the correct support from social services and are treated as adults by the asylum system, meaning they are often placed in detention centres or housed with adults in unsuitable accommodation.

If you want to refer a young person to the Age Dispute Project please email the team on

The team are based in London, Leeds and Birmingham but work beyond these areas. Our colleague in Leeds is running this regular surgery in Wakefield:

Location Where? When? Who to contact?


Urban House, Angel Lodge, Wakefield   Every Tuesday, 9am - 12pm     Melinda - 07387 090 852


Age Disputes

The Age Dispute project is a specialised post working with young people who have been age disputed by either the Home Office or by local authorities.

Children in Detention

Over half the referrals we received in 2012 were for age disputed children being held in detention centres around the UK.

Find out more about children in detention.

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