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February 2015:  Children still locked up in Campsfield. A report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons has revealed that children are still being wrongfully detained at Campsfield House.  Find out more ...

The Facts

  • Detention can happen at any point in the asylum process
  • People in the UK can be detained indefinitely, unlike every other country in the EU.

How can you help?

If you are worried about someone being held in a detention centre and you think we may be able to help please email the team on

If you would like to visit someone in detention, please see
our resource page to find contact details for a visitors group near you.

If you are, or know someone, who is in detention and would
like someone to come and visit please go to our resource page and find a visitors group near you.

Mohibullah's Story: An Uphill Battle

Dispatches - The Kids Britain Doesn't WantMohibullah was one of the
young people featured in
the Channel 4
Dispatches programme “The Kids Britain Doesn’t Want”, which explored the experiences of children brutalised by the asylum system in the UK.

The programme showed how his time in detention has caused this
young teenage boy to suffer from severe depression, leading him to self harm.

Although the Dispatches programme showed video evidence to
corroborate his story, and despite a court order stating that Mohibullah should no longer be placed in detention centre, he was taken again into detention for three months and then released. In total he has been incarcerated four times by the UK Border Agency and then subsequently released.

Recently, the courts ruled Mohibullah to be 17 years old, and he
must now wait for Social Services to do another age assessment which hopefully will concur with the court’s ruling.

The Refugee Council will continue to work closely with Mohibullah
and his solicitors to ensure that he is taken into the care of Social Services, and to assist him with his asylum application when he turns 18 next year.

Mohibullah said, “If not for [my case worker] Francesco, I would
have been sent home straight away. When I was in detention, I was told I will be sent home … I know friends who were sent back to Afghanistan and then taken by the Taliban. Some didn’t even make it to their parents’ home.”

Watch the Channel 4 Dispatches Programme: The Kids Britain Doesn't Want