Why is it hard for new refugees to rent a home?

Refugees who flee their country to escape persecution often leave without taking possessions or savings and arrive in the UK in a position of destitution and homelessness.

Whilst waiting for the determination of their asylum claim, a refugee may be housed in accommodation provided by the Home Office. However when they are recognised as a refugee they are served with an eviction notice as they have to move on and find their own accommodation.

Refugees in this situation usually find that landlords ask for one month's rent in advance plus one month's rent as deposit. Most refugees have been unable to accumualte savings in the UK as the Home Office does not permit them to work whilst they wait for their asylum case to be decided, and the asylum support they may have been able to receive is only equal to 70% of UK job seeker’s allowance.

For refugees that cannot afford to pay a deposit, we can offer landlords a deposit bond on their behalf. To find out more about what we do please click on How we help refugees rent a home in London.

Refugees make very reliable and respectful tenants. Having been through such an unsettling period as an asylum seeker and leaving their home country, refugees are keen to have a safe and stable home, making them excellent tenants!