Response Grants

Financial assistance to refugee health professionals

Response is a small British charity which was set up to help those who have been persecuted for their political or religious beliefs.  We have the potential to give educational grants to doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are refugees in the UK   to enable them to re-qualify, register and work in this country.

Grants from Response are available through the Refugee Council.

Who is eligible?
1.   A professional with a background in health in their country of origin, currently living in the UK 

2.   Refugees

  • Recognised refugee status and granted asylum or  HP
  • Recognised refugee granted British citizenship
  • Asylum seekers with permission to work

Who is not eligible?

  • Asylum seekers without permission to work
  • Other migrants

What can you apply for?


  • PLAB Part 2 exam and clinical attachment fee for doctors
  • PLAB Part 2 exam and clinical attachment fee for doctors
  • Overseas Nurses Programme or Adaptation for Midwives cost
  • ORE Part 2 exam fee  for dentists
  • Membership with regulating bodies (GMC, GDC, NMC, HCPC, GPhC)

How to apply?

If you believe you are eligible, contact us at the email address below to request an application form which, once completed, should be submitted together with supporting evidence, i.e. scanned documents confirming your qualifications, current address and immigration status/permission to work.

Up to £1000 per application may be awarded.  

Deadline for submitting application: Monday 1st March 2015. 

*The Building Bridges Programme provides assistance to London based Refugee Health Professionals. For more information or to discuss your application, please contact Fahira Mulamehic on 020 7346 6773