Refugee services

The Refugee Council's Holistic Integration Service supports newly-AMIF logo 2recognised refugees to make the challenging first steps towards resettlement.

Having been denied access to public funds and services during the asylum process, newly recognised refugees need to address some immediate essential issues, namely:

  • Obtaining the necessary Identify and immigration documentation (Asylum related issues)
  • Accessing a source of income or interim financial support (Financial Stability issues)
  • Addressing any physical and mental health problems (Health and Wellbeing issues)
  • Finding somewhere stable and secure to live (Access to settled housing issues)
  • Making steps towards securing employment and financial independence (Access to training/education and employment issues)

These represent some of the key elements any newly recognised refugee will need to address in order to establish themselves and begin rebuilding their lives in a new country. 

Our integration support model is based on a core but specialised advice function which aims to address each of these elements. All areas of our delivery rely heavily on the support of volunteers.