Hull celebrates 10 years of resettlement

hullresettlementgraphicIn 2016 the resettlement programme in Hull celebrates its 10th birthday. That’s 10 years of changing the lives of refugees. Refugees are fleeing persecution, violence and conflict. They  are often unable to travel far beyond the borders of their home country and often live in refugee camps for years. Resettlement offers them the chance to start life anew in peace and safety.

lovejumperWe met some families who had just arrived in Hull. Two young women told us that resettlement had given them a chance to finish their education, we discovered a sense of community in Hull and a little girl showed her excitement at her new home.

Due to on going conflict, many children are born in the refugee camps in which their parents have lived for many years. Now, these children have a chance to start a new life… this is the first day of life in their new home.

littlegirlplayslandingpageMeet some resettled refugees who tell you about their lives years on and how Gateway has changed their lives. Busilala and his family fled conflict in Congo when he was just seven years old.  Read his story. Read the story of Severine, a refugee from Congo who is now a teacher in Hull.