Supporting Refugee Community Organisations

Refugee Community Organisations play a vital role in facilitating refugee integration and the Refugee Council remains committed to finding the best way of supporting them and strengthening their capacity to deliver services effectively to their client groups. 

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The Way Ahead: Civil Society at the Heart of London proposes a system that puts London’s communities at the heart of the way Civil Society works. Refugee Council has been awarded a grant by The City Bridge Trust to engage practically in, and contribute to, the development and implementation of the Way Ahead vision.

The  Supporting RCOs Project is a one year programme of free training, information, and other support services; which aim to help London refugee community organisations (RCOs) to evolve, innovate, and adapt to the changing environment in which they operate as well as to engage with other voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, policy-makers, strategic planners, potential partners and  identify new and innovative ways of working in order to best meet the needs of refugee communities in London.

The Supporting RCOs project will lead on the development of new and innovative models of collaboration, testing new ways of working, sharing data and engaging RCOs in honest and meaningful conversations aimed at addressing the issues facing refugee communities across London. It will implement a communication plan to inform RCOs about the wider civil society environment and improve their confidence in engaging with the Way Ahead vision.


We provide timely information that is specific and essential to the work of refugee community organisations. We provide information of funding opportunities, training and networking opportunities, consultations,  campaigns and other opportunities to influence policy, planning and practice through participation in local, regional and national planning bodies.  Our newsletter also contains useful information for individual refugees including information on legislation and policy, rights and entitlements, support services and education and training opportunities. Click here for the RCO News Newsletter.


We provide training on organisational development including training on fundraising and other forms of income generation, training on partnership development and collaboration, and training on measuring and demonstrating impact. Click here for available training sessions.


We organise pan-London events including funding seminars aimed at bringing together refugees, RCO leaders, mainstream providers, policy makers, funders and other decision makers to enable a shared understanding of issues, the identification of service needs and to give RCOs the opportunity to contribute ideas on how best their needs can be met. Click here for available events.  

Organisational Health Self Assessment tool

This self-assessment tool is a quality assurance resource for organisations that want to make sure that they are developing according to best practice. This tool will be especially helpful for organisations that are developing or struggling to sustain their services, and are facing a more competitive and demanding funding environment. It will also help in identifying the best resources and the best support services available locally and London wide.

The self-assessment tool is structured around standards in four quality areas:

  • Governance
  • Managing resources (Finance, Staff, Volunteers)  
  • User Involvement, Equality and Diversity  
  • Performance management
Download the tool here