Supporting Refugee Community Organisations

Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) play an essential role in serving, involving, uniting and advocating on behalf of their communities. The Refugee Council regards its relationship with RCOs as one of vital importance and integral to the work it does.

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Funded by London Councils, the ‘Supporting RCOs’ project is a two-year, second-tier capacity-building project that aims to support and strengthen the impact of London’s frontline refugee community organisations (RCOs) by enabling them to deliver services effectively to their client groups and engage with stakeholders (funders, policy-makers, strategic planners, potential partners) in local service delivery, as well as to advise and influence local authorities/statutory bodies about best practice in engaging with RCOs. For more information on the project’s support and services, please click here to download our leaflet. 

How we can help

One-to-one advice and support

Targeted support is provided to RCO staff, volunteers and management committee members on a wide range of issues including: governance, project development, fundraising and other forms of income generation, grant management, collaboration, monitoring and evaluation. This may be short-term or on-going, depending on the need. If you are new to us and you need support from the Supporting RCOs project, please fill in the initial contact form.


We provide timely information that is specific and essential to the work of refugee community organisations. We provide information of funding opportunities, training and networking opportunities, consultations,  campaigns and other opportunities to influence policy, planning and practice through participation in local, regional and national planning bodies.  Our newsletter also contains useful information for individual refugees including information on legislation and policy, rights and entitlements, support services and education and training opportunities. Click here for the RCO News Newsletter.


We provide training on organisational development including training on fundraising and other forms of income generation, training on partnership development and collaboration, and training on the development of an Equality-based service delivery. All our training sessions are free for refugee community organisations. Click here for available training events.

We can also provide in-house training, tailored to the specific needs of your own organisation. In-house training sessions run at the organisation’s premises, which make it easier for staff members, trustees and volunteers to attend.

Other support

The supporting RCOs project has teamed up with Time Bank’s ‘Leaders Together’  project  to match RCO leaders with senior professional volunteer mentors who may provide them with extra support to meet the needs of their organisations. If you want us to match you with a mentor, please complete this form and send it back to us.