Epione Project

The Home Office frequently encounter asylum seeking women who disclose experiences of sexual violence as part of their claim.  These women may benefit from counselling (as well as other medical treatment and assistance) delivered by experts experienced in providing specialist care to people in their specific circumstances.

In the Epione project we worked in partnership with the Home Office to provide a gender sensitive early intervention treatment to asylum seeking women presenting with experiences of sexual violence to help address their psychosocial needs in a safe and nurturing environment. Using our specialised knowledge and experience of working with female victims of sexual violence, to provide a suite of individual and/or group counselling sessions to eligible women over the course of  a 12-week period and where appropriate, refer women to other specialist service providers for further assistance.

This project was funded by the EU through a partnership programme and came to an end in March 2017.

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This project was part funded by the EU
Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.
Making management of migration flows
more efficient across the European Union