Safer Refugee Women Project

The Safer Refugee Women Project (SRWP) offers a gender and culturally sensitive therapeutic service to Refugee and Asylum seeking women who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence. The support is offered in the form of both one to one counselling and group work.

To make a referral to SRWP please ensure your client meets the criteria of being an asylum seeking or refugee woman who has experienced or witnessed gender-based or domestic violence and then request a referral form from Therapeutic London

One to One Counselling

The Safer Refugee Women Project works within a Psycho-social Model where all aspects of the lives and challenges of vulnerable women refugees and asylum seekers are held in mind. We provide a safe and confidential space where women can explore the impact of the continuum of anxiety and stress brought about by their forced migration. Delivering Psycho-education as a tool, women are given useful information about the psychological reasons for their frightening symptoms, empowering them with grounding, breathing and mindfulness techniques to enable them to better manage flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms arising from the extreme nature of their experiences. This understanding empowers them to feel more in control of the day to day challenges and to be able to better engage in Therapy. This Model is used in both one to one therapy and group work.

Creative Focus Group

This is a group that provides a weekly space for vulnerable women who are feeling isolated and trapped in the role of asylum seeker and who yearn to be able to be involved in activities that better define who they are. Pattern cutting, sewing, crochet, knitting and beadwork are some of the activities in this group. By working together and supporting each other in their endeavours, women are able to make bonds in the group and share some of their day to day frustrations. 


They exchange useful ideas on how to overcome some of the challenges presented in living in the UK. Some of the women have never done any craft work at all and surprise themselves at their skills. For others it brings back positive memories of their past. 



Mothers and Toddlers Group

This group is attended weekly by women with children who are not yet of school age. It is facilitated by an experienced clinical psychologist. Here mothers and their toddlers who may have been isolated are able to socialise. It gives the toddlers the opportunity to explore play and communicate with other children. Each child’s birthday is celebrated with a much needed party. It is an important place for the mothers to connect with other asylum seeking and refugee women who experience similar challenges as parents during this process.

In 2017 the Mothers and Toddlers Group went on an outing to Margate.

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Please use the link below to make a referral

“It has been very, very helpful. It is a good group and it has changed my life. If I don’t come to the group I feel sick and I feel sad because if I come to the group I feel like people like me because the people in this group are very friendly and they love people. I hear voices but when I come to the group I can’t hear voices, I forget I have voices. Maybe one day I won’t come to this group but I hope other people like me will go and it will help others. I hope this group goes on to help more and more people.” - Feedback from a member of the group

You can read Refugee Council's Good Practice Guidelines for working with Vulnerable Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women here: RC Vulnerable Women GPG v2b

You can read The Powerful Women's Toolkit here: PWP WEB VERSION 08 2016 Print Final Monday 29th 1718 2